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I keep hearing that Drum by Erin Tengquist

I keep hearing that Drum. 
By Erin Tengquist

Bang, Bang, Bang.  
The Drum of the protestors,
The Drum of peace.
The Drum of time.
Saying put down your baton,
Put down your gun,
"America is not your war to fight," Officer. 
America is pleading,"Protect me, Serve me."
"America is not your war to fight," Officer. 
"Put down your baton, Officer."
"Put down your gun, Officer." 
"Don't choke me, Officer."
"Don't kick me, Officer."
"Don't shoot me, Officer." 
"Don't fight me, Officer." 
"Don't abuse me, Officer." 
We are America. 
"This is not your war to fight, Officer."

Where is the love? 
Lost somewhere in the streets of the people vs the police state. 
The protesters screaming in your face. Angry and upset, the emotions from the family's of the dead bring to drag out the Drums of heavy emotion and pain.

Let's hope that there are those that wish'ed light more than darkness. Who wish for progress, and act on justice.

I keep hearing that Drum. 
I keep hearing that Drum.