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Point Bonita Lighthouse

Sometimes traveling to the very end of the trail brings the greatest reward.  Certainly, this was.  The Point Bonita Lighthouse built in 1855 on the very tip of the San Francisco, and is still a working lighthouse.  The original Point Bonita Lighthouse, a 56-foot (17 m) brick tower, was located too high, the west coast has dense high fog, which leaves lower elevations clear,  often cloaked in fog and could not be seen from the sea. In 1877, the lighthouse was moved to its current location at 124 feet (38 m) above sea level. I visited the Point Bonita Lighthouse with my boyfriend and his family, with a visiting family friend from London.  What a windy day it was, but well worth the trip out!

The tunnel.

Going through the tunnel

Interesting Rock Patterns

Interesting Rock Patterns