Erin Tengquist. Yep. It's me ✨

Fragile Sea

This sea.

The love we give and take, Is the most fragile act of life. These fragile words, Stanzas, Looks abandoned.  I’m still in the scene, A moment of that thought pops in my mind.  For each and every place has a flory*. A moment of ensuance*, Love, It rides on a horse of fury,  Hell hath the glory.  Fine - mine - time - line - Frame - man - me - can,  I can, As she brings her hand up to hide her tears. 


I can’t stop what this is not - She says dropping head down. 

I can’t give what is not - He said looking at her sternly.  Do you understand - He requited.   I didnt ask for this, Fragility. - She said.  Some probability - She thought. I dont know what else to write on this cemetery, Speak be spoken, I write. “I didnt ask for this broken mirror, Glass shards all over my dining room table" - She said. Through the reflex’s of time, we voyage. Through the fragile sea, Upon which we see all the unseen. I write. 

Flory:  noun - fake glory.

Ensuance:  noun - emotional insurance, a bed of emotional comfort. //  ET