Erin Tengquist. Yep. It's me ✨

He's near, but oh - so far

He’s near but oh so far,
I see him clearly
Fading into night’s single star,
Alar, Alas, Asunder, creating roots of thunder.
Night to day,
Day to night.
Let it all be made known,
Brought to sight,
Heaven kept secrets by his side, With all his might, reaching past love at first sight.
What further floof of fluff can one so bequeath my way?
Transpealing  the eclipse, Moments of crisp  - fade form to clay
Forget the ya, and dismay.
Broken hearted,
Dry dimpled,
Watered eyes,
Forgotten scriptures of fate.
There was always a poem of droite, Moire, fight.
To this resilient kiss of death you requite.
I fake mine own respite. //  ET